OrthoPilot® Elite UKA

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Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty

Unicondylar knee endoprosthetics

The navigation opens new, reproducible approaches for the surgical treatment of unicompartmental gonarthrosis. Especially in the reduced visual field common in minimally invasive surgery, this is a valuable, if not indispensable component for achieving the ideal implant position.

Minimally invasive, but reliable – with OrthoPilot® UKA

The main objective of the minimally invasive unicondylar knee endoprosthetic technique is to increase patient satisfaction and shorten hospital stays whilst reducing postoperative pain and rehabilitation time. univation® is the only sledge prosthesis to be implanted with navigation. OrthoPilot® UKA combines the advantages of unicondylar knee implants with minimal-invasive surgical technique and navigation.

When used together with the ergonomically designed minimally invasive instruments (MIOS®) especially adapted for this purpose, safe and reliable minimally invasive surgery is possible.

OrthoPilot® provides support during tibial resection and when aligning the femoral prosthesis. Via the load axis, it is possible to visualise the degree of axis correction at any time.

Software Elements

UKA Features

  • Easy registration of kinematic and anatomic axis conditions without x-ray
  • Continuation of the ergonomic OT workflow from the knee navigation
  • Precise and reproducible implantation results with OrthoPilot®
  • Navigated rotational and varus/valgus alignment of the preparation instruments
  • Optimised contact surface of the components by navigated alignment of the implant components
  • Navigated insertion of the trial femur and the final femoral implant
  • Special high-tech instruments adapted to navigation and minimally invasive access